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Afghanistan Pictures

"Fortune Favors the Brave"
Last updated 12 Dec 2005 -- Some video links may still be dead...

Sgt Sheffield in Charlie-11
Herman and Alex the 'terp
Sgt Sheffield on the motor bike
Captain Solheim with Border Police
Martin and Justin
An IED we escaped
From another angle
And again
Exploiting the site
Me in the Wazir Bazaar
Cpl Walter on the .50cal
Cpl Covington and Herman
Sgt Sheffield and KBar
Cossio and Martin
Sgt Sheffield in a burka
Cpl Lassiter on the .50cal
Johnson on watch. Good work, Marine!
Old men in the Wazir Bazaar
Information Central
OSB living quarters
The 60mm and 82mm mortars
Cpl Carter serves
Marines play volleyball with the Afghan National Army
Marines play volleyball with the ANA
Marines play volleyball with the ANA
Marines play volleyball with the ANA
Marines play volleyball with the ANA
The Tiki Bar
The Grill
The pullup bar
The "parking lot"
Lee at work
Sunset in Pachir Wa Agam
SSgt Moriarti and KBar
Captain Solheim, Lee, and some locals
Sgt Sheffield with the inflatable bag
Prepping a door charge for use at night before a raid
Captain Solheim briefs an Operations Order to the ANA and ANP
Captain Solheim briefs an Operations Order to the ANA and ANP
Modes of transportation
Team America
Team America
The Kuchi Nomads
Chris and Chief
Chief hangs out in Charlie-10
Me in front of Charlie-10
Me out in Pachir
Me gazing off into the distance
LT Nichols with the border police
LT Nichols shakes hands with an elections candidate
LT Nichols at work
Afghan Border Police and the Afghan National Police
Me with the ABP Chief
ANA, ANP, and ABP working together
How many people can you fit on a jingle truck?
Weapons cache
Weapons cache
Weapons cache
A toe-popper landmine
Cpl Covington and Sgt Sheffield
Endless cornfields
Peanut the ANA
Alex the 'terp rocking the "Shaka"
Sgt Sheffield rides in an Apache
SFC Martin strikes a pose
Chris provides overwatch for Marines and SF in the village below
Lee gives the thumbs up
The Marines in Kambu
Martin hanging with the Marines
Doc Belt treats a patient with a broken finger
Captain Solheim hangs out
Marines chowing down on MREs
Martin with the PKM
ANA on patrol
ANA on patrol
Cpl Wernke checks out a man's meat at the bazaar
Marines patrol Wazir Bazaar
Aryan the 'terp
A weapons cache
Cpl Lassiter, Doc Belt, and Cossio
Cpl Lassiter in the Wazir Bazaar
KBar chowing down
In Sherzod District
The ANA throw back some tea
Martin drinking some Chai
At the Humanitarian Assistance drop
Martin hands something to a child
KBar the 'terp
Chief, Martin, and Chris
The ETT with their ANA
Me and LT Nichols
Sgt K, the mechanical genius
LCpl Muller in the back of a truck
LCpl Laurent in the back of a truck
Weeks offering up some gum
LCpl Nash the Afghan Commando
LCpl Muller with his earphones on
Prepping the gear for combat
Cpls Wernke and Lassiter in the rover
Cpls Lassiter and Wernke show off their huge guns
Yes, Laurent, it shoots from THAT end...
The parking lot
LCpls Laurent and Herman
Kale cleans his weapon
LCpl Muller guards a detainee
Lee on the M240G
An unfortunate accident with the M240G
Sunset in Pachir Wa Agam
LCpl Laurent
Sunset in Pachir Wa Agam
Proctor and Walter with Wernke and Chief
Meat sure tastes good after MREs
LCpl Laurent tosses the pigskin
Cpl Lassiter, Muller, and... THAT GUY! LCpl Proctor
LCpls Aguilar and Willis
Charlie-10 on the move
LCpls Aguilar and Proctor
LCpl Proctor on the tank
More Kuchi
The Marines guard a meeting in Sherzod District
Cpl Wernke and Justin
LCpls Muller and Aguilar eat in Sherzod District
KBar chowing down
LT Nichols, Rock the 'terp, and the ANP
Chris at the gun
The ANA chow down
High speed muller
LCpls Muller and Laurent at a cache
LT Nichols and LCpl Muller at a cache
Alex the 'terp throwing out the "Shaka"
LCpl Cramer rides the dirt bike
LCpl Herman and Sgt Sheffield
Sgt Sheffield on the M240G
The Car
The Engine
Too close to home
Martin surveys the IED site
Martin walks from the IED site
Barb the videographer from Hawaii
Staging at the OSB before execution
A fully packed HMMWV has some minor balljoint problems
The schoolbell at the Kambu School
The entrance to the school
Young Afghans help control the crowd
Marines set the perimeter
Marines search individuals before they enter
Lt Vanston at Kambu
Me at the front gate of the school
Navy LT Doc Emond sets up to treat patients
Corpsmen from H&S Company set up their station
Way to keep up that security ANP!
Inside one of the classrooms
A world map
Lt Vanston inside one of the classrooms
Marines carry in the first patient
Marines carry in the first patient
A look at the Kambu school and the crowd from a distance
Corpsmen triage patients as they enter
Corpsmen triage patients as they enter
Locals receive flags and supplies as they leave the school
Locals receive flags and supplies as they leave the school
Captain Lavoie talks with a female patient
The long line to be seen
Doc Johnston shows a local national where to exit
A woman with her child
A young girl heads towards the exit after being seen by the doctor
A little girl gets vitamins and medicine
A young boy leaves with a truck and stuffed animal
A boy holds a truck and a puzzle
Two brothers exit
A young boy holds his truck
Lt Vanston hands out wooden trucks
Lt Vanston holds wooden trucks made by the Happy Toy Company
An old woman with her child
A young girl exits the medcap
A Marine hands a young girl a stuffed panda
SSgt Shadle hands a stuffed animal to a crying child in line to be seen
Lee watches the school while a large crowd waits to be seen
A lady holds her child and some medicine
Burkha-clad women exit after being seen by the doctor
A young girl carries her brother out of the school
A young boy waves as he exits the medcap
Major Edwards looks on as a young girl leaves the school
Two brothers
A family of brothers exit after being seen
A little boy holds his wooden truck and his medicine
A young girl carries her sister and cold weather supplies
A father carries his son out of the school
A young boy
A boy clutches his toys and medicine
Another young boy exits
A father leaves with his boy
A boy holds his brother's arm as they leave the school
A young boy holds a packet of medicine
Two young girls hide their faces from the camera as they leave the school
Men wait in line with their children to be seen by the doctor
Two young girls carry out cold weather supplies
Captain Lavoie checks a baby while talking to a woman as the Malik looks on
Lt Kennedy checks on how things are running inside
A young boy takes a truck
A burkha-clad woman take a truck for her son
A man has his arms full with his son and supplies
A man smiles and encourages his son to take a truck
Marines search each person as before entering
Captain Lavoie hands out medicine to a young girl
Doc Cespedes sits at the female triage station
Staff Sergeants Shadle and Medina hand out cold weather supplies
Staff Sergeant Shadle hands a blanket to a young girl
The girls inspect the items as they exit the school
SSgt Shadle hands a jacket to a young girl
Looking into the Kambu valley
Marines guard the road into Kambu
The Kambu graveyard
The Kambu graveyard
The Kambu graveyard
The Kambu graveyard
The Kambu valley
A small girl carries a large pot up a hill
A father carries two pails behind his two girls
Two caves in the hillside behind a HMMWV
Sgt White searches one of the caves
Lt Vanston clears the other cave (good work Adj)
Cpl Belet's wound (it was much more impressive in person)
The people of Kambu thank us for treating 1000 people by IEDing us
Another look at the IED hole
A civilian Hummer leads our convoy through JBad
My lover's Hummer?
The H2 pulls away into the city
Moto Pic: Army mortarmen fire off a round
Moto Pic: The Warrior Ethos

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